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Steps To Join My Webring
Heroes In Sci Fi
    My Webring Heroes In Sci Fi was Stolen from me. They gave control to someone else. So if you want to join it then you will have to join through the new manage. Just remember I am the creator. WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Click Here and follow Webring's directions.
    Once you have submited your information.  You will recieve an e-mail from Webring.
Step 1: Are you right for this webring? If your sight has any kind of Sci Fi theme you are right for this webring. Be it Star Trek, Superheroes, or Quantum Leap as long as its Sci Fi you are welcome. WARNING!!! THE REST OF THIS PAGE IS FOR THE OLD WEBRING SYSTEM JUST USE THE LINKS ABOVE TO JOIN MY RING
Step2: Click on the Link below to complete the form and submit your site.
Yahoo Join page for Heroes In Sci Fi
Step3: Copy and Paste the html fragment below onto your page in Advanced html editor. Make the following changes to the code. (You should also get a copy of the code in your e-mail. Follow the instructions for that code obtained in the e-mail.)
Where it says --IMAGE-ADDRESS-HERE-- put the address of the image you wish to use . You can use one of the images  below save it and upload it to your server. If you wish to use your own image please send me a copy via E-mail so I can edit it and I will send the edited copy back to you.
Where it says--YOUR-E-MAIL-ADDRESS-HERE--put your full e-mail address.
Where it says --YOUR-NAME-HERE--put your name or nickname.
Where it says --SITE-ID-HERE-- put your site ID that you recieve after you fill out the form. You will also get it in an E-mail.
Where it says <---Begin html fragment---> and <---End html fragment---> delete these they should not be on your page.
Step4: E-mail me and tell me you have done all these steps and I will check out your fragment to ensure it is working properly and add you to the ring. If you have any questions E-mail me and I will answer.
E-mail me Kentor
HTML Fragment
<---Begin html fragment--->

<table border="6" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="3" width="400"> <tr>
                     <td align="center" rowspan="3"><p align="center"><a
src="http://--IMAGE-ADDRESS-HERE--" alt="Heroes In Sci Fi"
</a><Br> </p> </td>
<td align="center" rowspan="3">
This <a href=""> Heroes In Sci Fi</a> Site Owned by <a href="mailto:--YOUR-E-MAIL-ADDRESS-HERE--">--YOUR-NAME-HERE--</a>.

href=";id=--SITE-ID-HERE--;prev5.Previous 5 Sites</a>



href=";id=--SITE-ID-HERE--;next5">Next 5 Sites</a>

href=";random">Random Site</a>

href=";list">List Sites</a>

<a href=""> Join</a>


<---End html fragment--->

Ken's Super Sci Fi Page

Ken's My Space Page My Space Page for the creator and Webmaster of Ken's Super Sci Page, Ken's Super Sci Fi Club and The Heroes In Sci Fi Webring. The Heroes In Sci Fi Webring was some how stolen from my control however:)